beyond organic, nutrient-dense, mouthwatering meals for preconception pregnancy and postpartum delivered to your door.

what makes us different

expecting mamas

Put your planning to rest and let us handle the cooking. There is a lot of information being thrown at you, between birth plans and baby "must-haves," it's difficult to know what's really necessary. We designed our pregnancy plan meals to support healthy weight gain and to meet your growing nutritional and comfort requirements. We also offer a labor-prep package with all the goodies you need for the big debut. 

postpartum mamas

It's time for American women to stake claim on their postpartum experience. By incorporating postpartum recipes and practices from around the world, we decode ancient wisdom to heal new mamas bodies, jumpstart their breastmilk production, and ultimately support them and their little one during the fourth trimester and beyond. And most importantly we save you time & energy when you need it most. 

beyond organic, delicious meals

What is beyond organic? Our ingredient sourcing is one of the most important aspects of our meals. Rest assured knowing you're eating the best quality food on the market. All animal products are from animal-centered farms, raised the old school way, the way nature intended. Our seeds/grains/legumes are sprouted and soaked. Our dairy is procured from small farmers who respect the relationship between mother and calf.

support system 

We're here for you because we know what it takes to make it through this sacred phase of life. From our future blog to our Instagram feed, we constantly strive to educate and inspire you along your birth journey. In addition to an informed birth, we provide recipes, tips and tricks to navigate your fourth trimester and beyond. We are all mamas here, so rest assured we've got your back. We are your village. 

ancient wisdom. modern recipes.

We decoded ancient wisdom and combined it with real-delicious-food to prepare and heal mamas bodies, jumpstart breastmilk production, and ultimately support mother and child through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Our foods recharge, revitalize and rejuvenate from the inside out.

our promise to you

We rarely use glutinous foods in our postpartum menu, if we do we'll notify you by posting a note on the menu.

Our meals are delivered in eco-friendly compostable packaging with sugar cane lids, because we care about creating a better future for our little ones.

Our animal protein sources are our #1 most vetted source. Rest assured that if you order a non-vegetarian dish you are eating the most nutrient-dense, healthy, and vital animal protein on the market.  

Our animal proteins don't travel halfway across the world to get to us. Deliveries come directly from the processing facility, not stored in warehouses for months in a freezer.  

Our food is beyond-organic. There are so many farmers whose farms haven’t seen pesticides in 10+ years, which is more than some certified organic farmers can say. That’s why our relationship with farms, knowing where our food comes from, and how its grown and harvested goes beyond just organic.  

We don't use dairy products in our postpartum menu with the exception of 100% grass-fed ghee (clarified butter).

Our dairy comes from farmers who respect the mother/calf relationship. When the cow whose milk is pumped for human consumption delivers their calf, at the very least, the calf is allowed to consume all colostrum before being ressigned to a nurse cow for the next four months. Ideally, we will only create relationships with farmers who allow the calves to nurse for a full four months. These farmers pump the remaining milk, without separating mother and baby.  

Anything not purchased farm-direct like our spices/herbs are always non-irradiated and organic, as are our nuts, seeds, flours, etc.  

Our seeds and legumes are soaked to make them more digestible, we use sprouted nuts and seeds whenever possible.

why the name, twenty-five eight?

My name is Erica Mock, founder of twenty-five eight. To the left is one of my favorite photos of me and my then unborn son, Aydan. It wasn't too long ago that he was still inside my growing belly. I had no idea what was to come when he arrived earth-side, but I soon found that I was strapped for time and constantly hungry.  

On a recent trip to Whole Foods with Aydan clinging to me in his carrier, a young gentleman offered to help us out to our car. As we were walking, he paid us the most heartfelt compliment and thanked me for being a mother. I looked at him with an exhausted yet proud smile and thanked him for the acknowledgement. I then went on to say that it's definitely a 24/7 job.  

He looked at me, paused and replied, "No, ma'am, it's more like 25/8."  

It was then that it hit me. He was right, nurturing children takes more time than we actually have. I was amazed because all at once I felt like he understood, and it felt so good! I believe that's really what all mothers need.  

Mothers need to feel supported, loved, appreciated, and understood.  

That's why I created twenty-five eight. It goes beyond just giving the gift of food. The meals are symbolic for the support, love and understanding we so desperately need while navigating on this incredible journey. Without nourishment, we cannot sustain the long nights and endless days of nurturing our beautiful children.  

with love & light,  

Erica & Aydan Mock

dietary faq

We offer a number of vegetarian menu options. You can make your preferences known at checkout, and we will do our best to come up with a solution to accomodate your unique dietary needs. We do not have vegan substitutions at this time.

Most of our postpartum meals are free from dairy products with the exception of clarified butter. If you have a special dairy-free request we will do our best to accomodate you with our weekly meal selections. The dairy that we do include is carefully sourced from small family farms who respect the mother-calf relationship and avoid excess processing to their dairy products.

We can accomodate for gluten-free requests based on preference. We do not currently operate out of a certified gluten-free facility, therefore our meals would not be suitable for someone with a medical gluten sensitivity.

we're due in december


don't want to wait?

Although we have not officially launched, we are 100% operable and currently deliering twice a week! We deliver Mondays and Thursdays between 5:00 - 7:00 AM. Order cutoff is Friday @ 7PM for Monday delivery, and Monday @ 7 PM for Thursday delivery. 

Sign up below to apply to be a part of our pre-launch group. As a thank you, you'll get extra goodies in each purchase and free delivery to anywhere in LA or OC.